A small, independent, agile consultancy that has been delivering successful projects for many years.


We started our journey back in 2005. With experiences of big clients, and from working within a big-5 consultancy, it was clear that there was a better way of delivering projects.

From a project perspective, we had a lot of success from working with clients around project delivery. We built great teams and delivered some really great products. For us, successful and reliable project delivery was not enough - the project needed to sit correctly within an organisational system.

We looked at the projects, in the context of the organisation. The projects created value, but to be valuable to the organisation, we needed a method of creating flow. We found Deming, and with his wisdom around System Thinking, were able to create a model that meant that running the business using Flow things became a lot easier and a lot more valuable.

We have continued to work with some really good clients, and we continue to refine and work through are approaches.