Are you building another Model T?

The Model T was produced for 19 years.Henry Ford’s Model T was named the world’s most influential car of the 20th century - as no less than 15 million Model T’s were built between 1908 and1927. Although there were minor changes over this nineteen year period, the Model T was primarily characterized by a stubborn lack of change and continuance  of design. This was exemplified by Hentry Ford’s well-known instructions to his staff that Ford’s customers could have any color they wanted so long as it was black.

Challenged by rival General Motors which had begun to provide a variety of designs and options, Ford replied that the Model T design “was already correct” and therefore would not be altered. At the end of its 19-year career, the Model T could no longer compete with more modern offerings. Ford’s failure to abandon this successful product much earlier cost his company’s leadership to General Motors for forty years.

Is your product the Model T of today?