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The Leading Agile Consultancy and Training Company

Helping all types of companies deliver all sorts of projects and programmes in a more agile way

Proven agile methods

Making agile an integral part of how you work, is the key to achieving sustained change and long-term success. Using your own 'real world' projects and our 'proven' agile methodology, we will help you overcome challenges and upscale your agile delivery. By using real challenges and clear explanations, we will help you put your Agile experience to work. Read more about our methodology here

Proven agile delivery expertise

Pre styled blog makes for getting your templates up to speed fast. It makes use of the bootstrap grid to also allow you to easily make a responsive template or change the width and columns count but most of all it looks great and could really be used in any template with minimal code adjustments made by yourself. check it out here

Business focused agile training

The shoping area of BC can sometimes be a daunting place for any coder. We have made use of the best of breed features and our great framework to create a simple, elegant styling in the shopping area. The cart and product details pages are close to the standard BC offering as well as the checkout form itself. But the main catalog page makes use of other features that show just how flexible BC can be. Check it out here

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